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(Born Oct 1, 2000 in Jyväskylä, Finland) 


Kalle and Jonne drive for Toyota Gazoo Racing WRC 2020!


Kalle and Co-Driver Jonne have secured the win of WRC2Pro 2019 

Kalle is a professional Skoda WRC2Pro Rally driver. He is the youngest ever driver to get a works contract. Kalle's Co-Driver is Jonne Halttunen.

Monte Carlo 2nd

Sweden 2nd

Chile Winner

Portugal Winner

Italy Winner

Finland Winner

Germany 3rd

Turkey 3rd

Wales Winner


Kalle is the youngest ever Rally Driver to win a national championship in Rallying. Kalle won the overall Latvian Championship in 2016 and 2017 with a Skoda Fabia R5. In 2015, when he was only 14, he also won the Latvian Championship, then in the R2- Class (for two-wheel drives) with a Citroen C2R2 Max. 


This was possible because in Latvia Kalle was given a special permit to participate in the car races. Kalle got special permission to take the regular EU driver's license exam in Finland (International License) on his 17th Birthday. The regular age in Finland is 18.

Sponsors 2019:

IKH, Anonimo Watches, Silvasti, Ouneva Group, Red Bull Finland and others.

Story in Auto, Motor & Sport 21/2017, pages 150-154 (Sept 2017)